Kitchen extraction systems are designed and used to allow heat, steam and

grease produced by cooking equipment and cooking processes to be directed to the exterior of the building, leaving the kitchen environment cleaner, safer and more pleasant to work in.
Kitchen extraction systems comprise of a canopy or hood which is installed directly above the cooking area. Ducting forms the ventilation link between the canopy and the exterior of the building along which extracted air passes.

While extractor canopies are available as wall mount or island mount, our canopies can be manufactured to client’s particular specifications and may even accommodate angled walls.
All of our kitchen exctraction systems:

  • Meet the the requirements of the SANS 1850 act
  • Are fitted with vapour-proof lights
  • Are made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Are supplied with grease drawers and filters
  • Come with an opt-in cleaning option

Types of kitchen extraction canopies:

  • Low Level Canopy
  • Wall Mounted Canopy
  • V-Bank Canopy
  • Condensate Canopy
  • Makeup Air Canopy