A well-ventilated bathroom or ablution facility is essential in reducing the odors typically associated with the bathrooms and confined spaces, but also the condensation caused by the steam from showers and baths. Excessive amounts of steam and humidity can lead to corrosion or damage of interior structures, finishes and fittings, reducing their life-span and increasing maintenance costs.

By installing a wall fan or ducted extraction system, the facilities will smell good, look better and last longer. We specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of ventilation systems specific to the individual customers’ needs.

Zef’s More Vision also offers a cleaning and maintenance service. We offer ongoing, monthly contracts or ad-hoc cleaning services, depending on what the customer requires.

Our cleaning & maintenance service includes:

  • Removal of filters and grease trays from the canopy
  • Washing and de-greasing of the filters, trays and the canopy
  • Replacement of filters and trays annually
  • Re-assembly of the system once the individual parts are clean Cleaning certificates