Extractor Canopy / Hoods Zef More Vision – Extractor FanWe manufacture, supply and install a wide range of kitchen canopies / hoods.We offer our kitchen extractor in stainless steel and galvanised steel.

Extractor canopies / hoods is used to burn-out fat that is generated from grilling meat. Extractors are very helpful to keep your ducting system clean from fat. Extractors burns fat to a powdery substance, only powder is blown out through your fan instead of fat.

Extractor Construction

High quality workmanship All kitchen extractor canopies are fully welded construction. The kitchen extractor canopies / hoods can be manufactured to any shape and size and custom built to accomodate angled walls. Manufacturing is done to suit customer specification.

Does your kitchen need an expert extraction solution?

We, at Zef’s More Vision, are more than able to help. As leading professionals in our field, we are adept at kitchen extraction systems and industrial ventilation. A kitchen extraction system is a vital component of any kitchen space; its purpose is to allow the heat and grease generated by cooking equipment and processes below the canopy, as well as harmful fumes to exhaust to the atmosphere. This allows for cleaner, less dense air while you or your staff is cooking.

It is also far healthier to cook or prepare food in this manner. To this end, we manufacture a wide range of extractor canopies and hoods, either in stainless steel or galvanised steel; whichever is most suitable for your space. This is just one area of the complete selection of ventilation solutions designed, manufactured and installed by Zef’s More Vision.

Our extraction canopy and extractor hoods are of the highest quality and you may rest assured that they are among the best extractor hoods on the market. It forms part of our range of industrial kitchen equipment. Contact us today, for a quote on your industrial kitchen extractor fan. Let us grant you a full extraction solution!