Do you require a toilet or roof ventilation system?

Ventilation in any area makes it more pleasant and easy to use. Roof ventilators aid this process wonderfully, and this is one of our areas of expertise. Not only is an adequately ventilated area more pleasant to use, but there are also benefits to health associated with it; coupled with protecting interior finishes. Where toilets and ablution facilities are constructed without adequate natural ventilation, as may be the case in shopping malls, gymnasiums and entertainment venues, it becomes necessary to install appropriate ventilation to extract odour or steam and replace this air with fresh air. Zef’s More Vision, experts in the field of industrial ventilation, are able to manufacture and install the most appropriate ventilation system required. Roof ventilation may be required to better regulate the temperature within a roof attic.

Installing self-powered roof turbine vents which extract air from within the roof to the exterior atmosphere is a cost effective, efficient roof ventilation component. We supply whirlybird roof vents, industrial ventilation fans and roof ventilation. We will install a complete solution for you, or your business, that will be completed with expert workmanship. Contact us at Zef’s More Vision today for all your ventilation requirements!