Zefs More Vision is a manufacturer of high perfomance ducting that is long-lived and durable, weathering the toughest of environments.

Ducting that is utilised in air condition ventillation, kitchen extractor canopies, fume, chemical gas, smoke and steam extraction. Our ducts are manufactured in galvanised steel, mild steel and stainless steel.

Every extraction system will need a ducting to carry your hot air away from your room and your fresh air to where you need it.

Types of ductwork include the below Transition pieces (square to round , Taper piece , Core , Flu-pipe , Square straight duct, Y pieces, T-pieces, Blow off, Chinese Cap, VDU (vertical discharge unit), Plenum box, and 90 and 45 degree square and round bends.

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Depending on where you require your extraction canopy to be located within your kitchen space, it may be necessary to have additional ducting installed. As leading ducting manufacturers and ducting suppliers, we can assist you in this regard. Zef’s More Vision manufacture suitable ducting to compliment the effectiveness of the ventilation system that you have had installed. We can supply, design and install ventilation ducting, galvanised ducting, aluminium ducting, spiral ducting manufacturers, square to round ducting, extractor fan ducting and stainless steel ducting.

In addition to this, Zef’s More Vision caters toward all industrial ventilation solutions: we can design, manufacture and install a ventilation system that control worker’s exposure to harmful fumes or dust; this is another aspect of the expertise on offer. Welding areas and spray booths are examples of situations where Zef’s More Vision can provide an effective, efficient solution in accordance with client’s specifications.

Where ducting is required for an air conditioning system, the ducting can be lined with glass fibre blanket to provide insulation. Whether you need to channel fresh air, particles and pollutants such as wood waste, plastic, paper waste, airborne grease fumes, smoke or steam, Zef’s More Vision can supply the best ducting for your needs.